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No conflict of interest with our clients

One of the hallmarks of a Registered Investment Adviser is the legal requirement to act as a fiduciary, always putting your client's interest above your own, and to fully disclose conflicts of interest. Few insurance "professionals" act this way.

How are traditional insurance agents and brokers compensated?
Whether your current insurance "professional" is an agent or a broker, they are still paid a commission by insurance companies to sell you insurance. The more they sell, the more they earn, and the more you pay. If your agent or broker recommends that you buy more insurance, how can they divorce themselves from this inherent conflict of interest? How can they be motivated to reduce the cost of your insurance when doing so hurts them financially?

We have a better way
We strip all of the commission costs out of your insurance premiums, passing these savings on to you, and removing this undisclosed conflict of interest. We work with you as a trusted adviser, providing advice and service on a fee-for-service basis...just like your attorney or accountant. You only pay for the service you need, nothing more. Our fee is always lower than the commission you're now paying your current agent, typically 10% to 20% of your premium, and our service is guaranteed to be better.

Lower cost, better service, unbiased insurance advice
Our clients cut their insurance costs by 10% to 20%, receive customized insurance coverage designed by credentialed professionals, and pay for only the service they need. AdviserInsurance.com is the lowest risk, highest value insurance solution for registered investment advisers.