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Superior service with no conflict of interest

We provide registered investment advisers with a better alternative to the traditional insurance broker/agent relationship, one that removes the conflict of interest between you and your trusted adviser.

Our business model is unique. Acting as your insurance consultant, we provide expert service and advice. Our affiliate places your insurance with the most qualified insurance carrier net of commission, so all you pay for is pure insurance protection, not the commission expense automatically built into the premium you now pay. We work hard to ensure you receive the greatest value and eliminate the conflict of interest inherent in your current agent/broker relationship.

We provide you with

  • an exclusive focus on investment advisers
  • better value and lower risk
  • expert coverage analysis
  • risk management services
  • benchmarking reviews
  • quarterly insurance market commentary and analysis

You have nothing to lose except the conflict of interest between you and your current agent or broker, and much to gain.