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Here is where CIB Insurance Services stands out. It takes a highly trained insurance professional, one who has earned the industry's top credentials, to examine your coverage carefully and make recommendations based on what's right for you, not what pays the highest commission.

Most clients need only Adviser Bronze Medal ServiceSM or Adviser Silver Medal ServiceSM. If that works for you, than we guarantee you'll pay less than you're paying now. If you need Adviser Gold Medal ServiceSM, you'll probably still save, and you'll receive better service than you're receiving now.

As a new client, you automatically receive Adviser Gold Medal Service during the first year. This is our way of introducing ourselves and allows us to better understand your operations and your risk management and insurance needs. We review your program from stem to stern, make recommendations and implement the program that we mutually agree makes sense for you. After that, it's up to you to decide what level of service you need from one year to the next.  You're already paying for gold medal service now but probably not getting what you're paying for.

Regardless of what service plan you choose, we offer a money back guarantee.